Spark of Genius is a program of Muse 360 Arts™ was founded by two students to explore the idea of using their skill set in the arts to develop and implement a model that will engage youth in a structured out- of -school program. Spark of Genius aims to increase their life skills, support their academic success and artistic training by providing them with an opportunity to be excel in all areas of life. Participants are mentored and taught by professional artists, business owners and community leaders. Monthly workshops in financial literacy, advocacy, nutrition, goal –setting, and business prepare youth to continue their education beyond high school, develop sustainable income opportunities and employment through the creative entrepreneurship.  



SOG hosts a bi-annual FREE , unique full-day conference centered on innovation, entrepreneurship and cultivating future leaders . SOG features interactive workshops, engaging speakers, mentor-mentee networking and an opportunity to sharpen skills in areas of leadership . This combination of activities helps​ youth develop new skills while also energizing their entrepreneurial spirit, immersing them​ i​n a community of like-minded peers and forging lifelong connections.