Our Story

Sharayna at the YMCA with her first student

DMD Scholars in Dominican Republic

After graduating from Morgan State University with a Bachelors in Finance, Sharayna Christmas Rose wanted to do more with her time than work in the corporate world. She started teaching a small class of about 10 students at the Druid Hill Park YMCA. This is where she began training students in the techniques and values, that she herself learned at the young age of three, while attending the prestigious Dance Theater of Harlem in New York City. With a strong will to provide youth with access to high quality arts experiences, Sharayna knew that she could do much more to give back to a community that reminded her much like the one she grew up in. In less than a year the small dance class of ten grew tremendously and the YMCA space could no longer meet the demands of the growing number of students that were registering weekly. To meet the needs of her students Rayn Fall Dance Studio (RFDS) was founded in 2004 charged with the mission to provide people of diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to receive training in dance. As RFDS grew in numbers, Sharayna continued working on her commitment to provide youth with the highest technical training in a professional environment. Following RFDS’s inaugural year, Muse 360 Arts was created to provide quality, affordable arts programming to youth in Baltimore City. Muse 360 Arts became the umbrella to Rayn Fall Dance Studio, along with two newly created programs, New Generation Scholars Formerly Known As Dancing Many Drums: Arts Education Program (DMD) and Spark of Genius: Youth Entrepreneur Project (SOG).


Although somewhat different in the methods used to reach students, all of these programs fulfill Muse 360 Arts’ mission to develop youth through the arts. Bringing the community together through the arts to encourage people to facilitate social change is a vision that Muse 360 Arts has seen realized over the past 10 years. Change is the process of doing something different. Ultimately, Muse 360 Arts strives to make a positive change by extending opportunities that challenge, connect, and inspire the community beyond their circumstances. Sharayna shared, “There are no words that could truly describe how the people in Baltimore have changed my life; particularly those who have been involved with Muse 360 Arts. As I reflect on our mission, I am reminded that we have a lot to be proud of but I also realize that Muse 360 Arts’s work is far from done.”

Watch Muse 360 Arts' work with Baltimore City Youth