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New Generation Scholars (NGS):

Youth Leadership Program 


We are New Generation Scholars. We are a dynamic group of 30+ Baltimore City youth, ages 13 to 21, from diverse neighborhoods and backgrounds. We are the next generation of scholars, artists, activists and social entrepreneurs. We are independent thinkers. We are explorers. We are storytellers. We are a team. We are game changers. Join us!


Since 2007, New Generation Scholars ( formerly known as Dancing Many Drums)  has served over 300 scholars in the Baltimore Area. Our scholars experience art education beyond the classroom by traveling domestically and internationally to study the African Diaspora. Our scholars have visited New York, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Dominican Republic ,Eleuthera, London, Paris and Cuba. 




We become scholars and engage as leaders with our peers to learn, challenge and engage in various college –style workshops and training that will attempt to change our mindset and prepare us for our future.  We provide classes, including learning experiences that take place outside of traditional classrooms, in African Diasporic history and culture not taught in our schools. Through these learning experiences we empower ourselves with knowledge of our history, and create fresh images to deconstruct self-image/awareness through art and media projects. We learn to define ourselves. We participate in youth forums about local and national issues affecting youth. We connect current events in American Society with global issues impacting the African Diaspora. We advocate on behalf of youth through social activism projects. In short, we talk and write about what matters to us. We gain opportunities to study at local museums and cultural institutions, as well as internationally abroad. 


This experience prepares us to begin producing art and media that impacts our community. 


We are the youth of TODAY and we are LEADERS.





This program ultimately aims to expand opportunities for positive youth development and leadership in areas where few programs and services exist. Scholars will be paired with a mentor, have the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally, participate in virtual exchange with youth from other U.S. Cities engaged in similar activities, and ultimately be placed in a paid summer opportunity. The program begins in January and concludes in August. 




2017 NGS Scholar Experience Re-Cap

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2018-19 Program


Oct 2018- Aug 2019

  • College –style workshops and leadership training

  • Multi-disciplinary artistic training (all genres)

  • Youth Perspective: Baltimore Photography Training w/ Kyle Pompey

  • Opportunities to Travel to New Orleans, New York and

      Internationally to Bahia,  

      Brazil or Senegal

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