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WYPR | Pass the Mic: Radical knowledge and access to space

Clockwise from top left: Pass the Mic host Sharayna Ashanti Christmas, Muse 360 Arts; Michael Haskins Jr., Currency Studio; photographer Solomon Ade; writer and archivist Bilphena Yahwon. Credit: provided by guests.

”Today we Pass the Mic to host Sharayna Ashanti Christmas. She talks with photographer Solomon Ade and writer and archivist Bilphena Yahwon about the ‘New Generation Scholars Intergenerational Institute,’ and why sharing knowledge across diverse age groups is critical for Black history … and Black future:

‘The Black elders are not able to speak to what the current world is looking like for our Black youth. And our Black youth are building without a blueprint because they have no connections to our elders to know what we’ve already done. And so this institute is bringing together both generations in an attempt to be participating in the present and the past at the same time.‘

Plus Michael Haskins Jr. , head of ‘Currency Studio,’ discusses the importance of access to space.”

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